Originally published on Hooting & Howling


Snowdrop are a newly formed project from the mind of Larissa Bollig already making waves with their unique twist on electro pop, and having secured a slot at this year’s Liverpool Sound City with only a Biffy Clyro cover publicly to the name, they’re understandably already one to look out for. However, more music has recently amounted in the form of the ‘Bruised’ EP and it proves the work of Bollig is deserved of its hype.

From the first track, ‘Summer City Nights’, the haunting synth driven sound of ‘Bruised’ is established and impressively so, backed up by relentless electronic beats and subtle shimmers. Before there’s chance to relish that though,‘Stranger’ kicks in and ultimately relinquishes all doubt of this being just another bedroom musician with a mac, conjuring up twists of synth genius sounding not too far from the likes of Depeche Mode. The track too admirably juxtaposes the subtle flair of the lyrical content with a sombre sense of uplift in each carefully crafted sound, and radiates a subtle joy that causes you to be singing along by the second chorus – and then for the rest of the week too.

Nightlock‘ is a standout moment for the vocals to shine over the stirring sounds and stark perturbing guitar lines . The expressive imagery of Bollig’s lyrics (hormones dance inside of romance/crowds of light illuminate the night) interact with the intense atmospherics of the track making it impressively inescapable. Penultimately, ‘Dreams’ creates a sparkling sense of summer and another stroke of Snowdrop genius within both the lyrical content and instrumental sounds, before ‘Dead End‘ cements the electronic creativity sprinkled all over the tracks, merging indie guitar chimes reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club and Foals with the darker sound of MS MR and Chvrches, ultimately capturing Snowdrop at their best.

The Bruised EP has already established Snowdrop as a serious contender within the undeniable brilliance of the electro pop scene currently, and if this is anything to go by, whatever comes next is going to be very very good.