Having had several emails dropped into my inbox over the past few months containing talk of a bright new quartet by the name of Felt Tip and an offering from the purveyors of endless indie brilliance, Fierce Panda, and never delving further than nodding towards the great name of the outfit, when I saw them and actually listened on Tuesday supporting The Crookes, it was probably about time too.

Immediately I severely regretted never clicking the soundcloud links and heading into the world of Felt Tip, because somewhat expectedly, of the three tracks online and the countless other gems they played live – it’s all absolute infectious genius. I could go on and mention what this guitar sounds like at this point or detail how completely ace the basslines are or whatever but I quite frankly like this band so much that the music speaks up more than a jumbled up sentence courtesy of myself ever could, so I would just highly recommend you check them out.

Here’s the link to their latest single ‘Simple Things’ premiering on Noisey right about now that you can stick on repeat forever, alongside their two previously released snippets of brilliance (above &) below, and their debut EP is out 9th June.

They’re also a combination of darkly intense and a fun kind of madness when you’re watching live, get on it:

May 8    The Great Escape, Brighton

May 9     The Alternative Escape, Brighton

June 3    Madame Jo Jo’s EP Launch

June 18  Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

June 20  Camden Crawl

[Photo by Maximilian Hetherington]