Originally published on Radsound

Coming from a trio that – thankfully, accurately – describe themselves as the Bee Gees on diazepam, this week’s single is the smooth pop bliss of All We Are’s Feel Safe.

Having just emerged from a tour with Warpaint, their floaty psych pop sound comes of no surprise and Feel Safe highlights the best of this in a particularly 70s shimmer of sound. With chilling melodic guitars overlaying spinning psychedelic grooves reminiscent of Metronomy and the likes, the track is already masterfully executed before the sweetly atmospheric harmonies kick in and send it into a new level of pacific soul – complete with a glacial melody that’ll remain stuck drifting around your mind for weeks.

Complete with an expectedly arty video, the outift’s second single cements their Cymbals-esque nature with a tad more indie sparkle and makes for some truly brilliant listening.

Feel Safe is out on 5th May via Double Six Records.