Originally published on Radsound

This week’s single comes from a little further afield courtesy of five piece, Take Two, hailing from none other than Singapore, and their latest track Ariel.

Since forming in 2012, Take Two have gradually been proving themselves to be an infectious combination of riffs and bouts of brilliance that’d put most of the indie outfits this side of the globe to shame and Ariel is no exception.

Taking on a reserved sound at first, the track swiftly snakes its way into an explosive chorus complete with “woah”s set to entice any festival crowd across the summer, and impressively so. Whilst the intricately catchy riffs draw from their claimed Britpop and Jazz influences and sweep across the lush dreamy backing of relentless guitars and synths, frontman Paddy Jonathan Ong is left to rein free over the musical backdrop with his melodic muses about finding love on the country’s finest railway system, the MRT, and the outfit hit full form, conjuring up 3 minutes of sparkling indie bliss.

Ariel joins the ranks of unignorable tracks set to earmark themselves as summer smashes and is one considerably worthy of your listening, it’s out now via bandcamp.

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