Originally published on Radsound

Fresh from touring all over the place, this week’s single comes from London quartet, Childhood, with ‘Falls Away’.

Taking a more laidback approach than their previous releases, Falls Away takes on a lush shoegazey soundscape focused on the soft musing of frontman Ben Romans-Hopcraft carrying an encapsulating melody that swirls through the effortless wash of Dobsen’s guitarwork – and is already set to be left ingrained of the memory of everyone that hears it for some time.

Echoing the brilliance of The Horrors, Deerhunter and those alike with reverb soaked melodies only cut back into reality as shuffles of drums seamlessly burst through the mix, the track seems an act of hypnosis that lulls into musical outer space and onto another planet entirely – and one you can’t help but wish a few more bands would conjure up just as well.

Childhood have created another single of unavoidable, understated genius and one only intensifying the anticipation for their forthcoming album, Lacuna, announced to drop this August.

Falls Away is out now via House Anxiety/Marathon Artists and the band are now set for a string of festival dates at the likes of Field Day, Bestival and Latitude.

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