Distance Yourself.

In the midsts of all exams, I sort of got lost with this blog and have been pretty useless on the writing front, however now faced with 4 months, 4 plans (2 of which are next week) and still a capacity for music undamaged, I intend to restore this site to it’s former – sort of – glory.

Anyway, the point is Baby Strange released their third single this week, and it’s a killer by the name of Distance Yourself – loaded with bullish bassline and a swaggering sense of guitar rage, slight reminiscent of The Cribs, only Glasweigan and angrier. The B side, Luver, is another one of those hidden gem flip side types too with a crushing riff (think China Rats) and Jonny Madden’s fury bursting through the fuzz that is quite frankly set to conjure up a storm live.

If you’re like me and managed to miss their entire UK tour that finished a few days ago, then bar a listed appearance at Beacons Festival in August, for the moment you’re slightly out of luck and the only option is to buy the single and patiently wait, but it should be ace enough to keep you going for some time.