Originally published on Radsound

This week’s offering comes from London collective Beaty Heart with the sunny pop sounds of Seafood.

Having released their debut album Mixed Blessings at the start of the month since their success began with 2011’s Feel Good 7″ after forming at Goldsmiths, the Peckham “video art and music” outfit have proved themselves to be fine purveyors of tropical drum driven pop, and Seafood is no exception.

Channelling an arty sense of psychedelia in both the sweetly high melodies and the accompanying vibrant video, the quartet are still intent on swirling minds upside down – and when added to the intricate tribal rhythms, Seafood does just that in a carefree style, drawing comparisons to the likes of Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective. The webs of percussion and soulful toplines give the track an effortlessly floating sensation and it only seems right that it should be dominating the soundtrack of sun this month.

Seafood is out now via Nusic Sounds.

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