Originally published on Radsound

This week’s single comes from electronic maestro Jon Hopkins, with the final release from his Mercury Music Prize nominated LP, Immunity, We Disappear.

With the instrumental track already starkly impressive on the LP, the addition of Lulu James providing vocals and a sharpened radio edit sends the piece to new levels. Comprised of intricately sliced samples of any kinds of ambience avaliable crafted over sweeping synths, the track is an expectant 4 minutes of build up only intensified with James’ lush melody colliding with the harsh sub-bass grooves and effortlessly soaring over the top of the soundscape, proving another Hopkins work of musical art to add to the collection.

With the success of Immunity, Jon Hopkins proved his groundbreaking musicianship to the masses, and this single confirms the fact he’s only going to keep the good ones coming.

We Disappear is out now via Domino Records

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