Harkive ’14.

Having become intrigued by Harkive since last year and glazed over my previous blog (disappointingly to see very little had changed in the way of my music tastes, the rest remains to be seen) just in time for this year’s round, I figured it was interesting enough on a personal level (ie. christ did i really listen to that much in one day on that many things) to have another stab at this year and see what today throws up in musical terms….here goes nothing.

So it’s approx. 8 minutes past midnight and still unsurprisingly wide awake, having finished Loveless still eager for more, I’m halfway through My Bloody Valentine‘s top charting tracks on Spotify – currently You Made Me Realise is psyching it up while I’m busy losing myself and stumbling across Blur christmas cards on Etsy (note: it is the 15th of July….One for all the family here)…by the time it gets to Slow though, it’s what the name implies and no longer cutting it, one last play of When You Sleep – ultimate bliss and I too am out for the night – not before nearly being reduced to tears by bowls made out of “*Unplayed*” Clash records and quickly finding a heady live version of aforementioned MBV to stick on here though….

It’s now 11.23am and after waking to my alarm (some time before might I add) – today’s was Daydreamer by Menswear – I’ve finally found a sec to get online and stick on some music. A quiz on facebook tells me I should’ve been in the Sex Pistols, but I knew that without the quiz anyway, and start the morning with Bodies via iTunes – the only song I currently appear to have on there for some strange reason, but the best one nonetheless. That quickly sees me realise I’m seeing Jools Holland in 3 days and should probably check out more than just that one good piano solo if i’m gonna get through this alive, Spotify and Youtube combined allow me to come across a track so brilliantly Jools-esque titled I refuse to listen to anything else other than Tuxedo Junction from Glastonbury 2002 – it’s very good, Jools for once looks cool as fuck and boogie woogie trumpets win for a few moments.

Back on the britpop front I discover via tweets the studio where 90% of my favourite Blur/Pulp/Cure/Placebo albums (and that terrible Suede one) is being knocked down to turn into flats as much as my inner convinced it is still the 90s mind dislikes this, it causes The Cure‘s Close To Me to start spinning round my head and I fire the video up on Youtube for any excuse I can get – well after sitting through endless adverts that is, football is still rife I see. This was only meant to be a quick check on the world before I left but it’s turned into 20 musically led minutes already, focusing on actually typing up the amount of everything I listen to is still quite bewildering and it’s only 20 to 12.

5 minutes later a Popjustice tweet, facebook search, interview, google search and finally Dailymotion lead me to Weird Al‘s latest parody work, Word Crimes about the issues of grammar – naturally improving Thicke’s original by miles and ingeniously so, though I have to stop myself from going on to listening to a handyman parody of Iggy Azeala‘s Fancy and a ‘tacky’ parody of Pharrell‘s Happy though or I’ll be stuck on this all day.

After going for a walk and giving up on the heat, I’m back inside and after scrolling through the thousand press releases in my inbox (I make a vow to check them every day from now on, we’ll see how that goes) and I’m directed to a ton of new music – a band called Cloud Boat are quite good, but their new video is so dramatic it may aswell be an advert for an abuse charity, Broods aren’t bad either but, though nearly topped by a track called Piano Fu*k (their star, not mine) by MOTOFIGHTR, Twin Peaks new track I Found A New Way is crowned the king of today’s inbox and after the endless country & blues/mundane indie folk acts and the quite frankly horrifying combination of Lana Del Rey and The Strypes fail to enthrall me, I give up on that front – tomorrow’s another day.

I can’t help but continue listening to MOTOFIGHTR on Soundcloud mind you, they blend ‘twisted nu disco house with intricate guitars and pounding beats’ and it becomes perfect sun music, best discovery of the week – I check their facebook page and they only have 11 likes, so I’m not saying you need bragging rights, but y’know, they’re bloody good. The page also leads me to discover their debut EP Pacific Post Highway is out today, watch out for a review of that too – well, when i locate it that is.

After lunch, I’m led to a Frankie & The Heartstrings cover of Franz Ferdinand‘s Stand On The Horizon over on Clash, already an incredible song and they nail it even more so. Keeping on the topic of covers A.V. leads me to an Eagulls cover of I Wanna Be Adored, complete with fan playing guitar action (actual air fan, that is) and a terrible Buzzcocks cover stops me from venturing any further.

Twitter is suddenly ablaze with tweets about Menswear and I stick on their latest one, Crash, via iTunes, also happening to be the first song I’ve downloaded, legally or otherwise, in about 2 years – alas I don’t have a cassette player and they have actually released it as just that in 2014, you have to admire that – oh and the song is killer, which automatically leads into 65daysofstatic‘s Crash Tactics before I finally discover and stick on that MOTOFIGHTR EP, it’s expectedly ace.

Inspired by lots of weird synth sounds, I fire up logic and try to get to work on giving at least one of the 50 thousand intros I have into a usable piece of my own music. After pissing around with various synths and not being quite sure what’s going on, executing a perfect rip off of about 5 different parts of the new Horrors album combined and instead ending up working on reaching replicating the exact bass sound of Pet Shop BoysShopping (mission successful), the intro remains as is – however there’s now two more ideas to add to the collection….and doesn’t it look like I’m doing something clever?

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 14.08.52

While trapped in the world of weird shoegazey sounds though, Souvlaki is always a good bet and When The Sun Hits is swiftly soaring at full volume whilst I check to see if Slowdive have announced any more UK dates in sheer desperation – not a whisper. Within 30 seconds I have picked up the bass to play along and am sent through a dreamy trail of Souvlaki, MBV and The HorrorsPrimary Colours whilst doing my best Rhys Webb impersonations before a quick alter of a few basslines on the Bleak House stuff  (some of which is listenable/downloadable here – it’s quite good too but then again, I am only the bassist). It’s now half 4 and that in the form of Suki also happens to be the next piece of music I half listen to when putting on Amazing Radio some hours later, which is an understandably odd moment but the brilliance of hearing someone talk good of a band you’re involved in on the radio doesn’t wear off easy either.

This leads me to giving Childhood‘s new single, As I Am, via the Amazing Radio player also, it remains soothing genius and reminds me I need to preorder their album sharpish, before being tipped to check out Pale Seas who are also something impressive. After returning to the Twin Peaks track for another psychy listen and checking out The Black Tambourines latest (ace stuff, below) I figure it’s probably about time I returned to order in my listening with an LP instead of ducking & diving between everything – now I’ve been made concious of it writing this, it’s started to make my head hurt.

An hour later I never did put that album on and after murdering my way through Suede on guitar, I’m led back to my inbox which immediately brings forth another cover (I never listen to this many covers ever honestly) of Kanye‘s Love Lockdown by Glass Animals, it’s pretty genius.

After putting up with the odd country and western jingles of Lizard Lick and Top Gear, my mind was more numb than before and after becoming enraged at an NME article putting it in the “top 30 flops from promising bands” also implying they were still split and altogether ignoring the terrible album previously mentioned, I stick on the Head Music LP – it remains electronic aceness and naturally anything but a flop, but then again it just isn’t Arctic Monkeys is it?

IMG_9917 copy

By this point its 9pm and I give in to the random collection of “heart-ed” songs on Spotify that direct me back to Menswear‘s album, after another quick listen to the killer new one that is, I’ve accidentally become quite a big fan of them in the past few weeks and it’s truly showing…1 song in and an advert already interrupts me, I really should get round to sourcing this album – cue discogs offering the LP up for £8 – seems fair enough, but the steep shipping from Greece puts it off for another day at least, I’m sure they’ll forgive me on that one. Though quickly interrupted to listen to the new Telegram single again, it’s just ace, the second half of Nuisance rounds off nicely – it’s half 10 now and I can;t help but notice how quite mundane my listening is getting so I put on some HendrixLive from the BBC via Spotify once again , another album to add to the purchase list and all.

That leads to this via DailyMotion, the ultimate Hendrix shamefully brought to my attention by possibly the best scene in Withnail & I, and this particular performance is more than ace too…

After finally putting down the guitar from attempting to play the above, I stick on my favourite song of current times and one so unbelievably underrated in the form of Love You by For Against on iTunes, its magical, and a newer offering from Bristol’s Liberto Wolf by name of The Palace, another crashing indie rock type as we reach the final hour of proceedings.

Inevitably we end up, as most night’s listening does, at Eagulls and a dose of sharp witted post punk happenings, before being rudely interjected by Elvis Costello‘s Pump It Up – thanks for that shuffle – and give up in the form of playing LIFE‘s new single from Soundcloud, get side tracked by going on youtube to find out if I like Radiohead yet – still nope- and resorting to iTunes for much needed, and surprisingly neglected today, Suede.

The expected shuffle spins through everything and anything from Live at the Beeb bootlegs to B sides to live albums to terrible half baked demos and even A New Morning – but we won’t go there, and I note i have 37 albums worth of  their stuff in my iTunes, despite their only 7 released ones. dubious, but nonetheless a perfect soundtrack to ruining your teeth on Haribo at half 11.

The somewhat neglected by me & probably everyone else but beautifully sombre She’s Not Dead floats us into the next day with ease (beautifully fuzzy video documenting that below), that’s me done for another year.

By the end, I’ve written about 2000 words documenting 32 artists on 11 different listening formats – including a few new discoveries – and far too many hours of listening to comprehend for one day, but considering I didn’t go out anywhere today and spent half of it doing things before realising I’d forgotten to listen to any music, it strikes me that this is possibly less than I normally listen to – which now seems slightly insane – and despite probably being a strongly mundane read (congrats if you made it this far) Harkive has managed to shock me again and is still as intriguing as it was last year, if not more, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing, listening to and typing it all.

Maybe my taste will have changed by this time next year’s, but if you glance over last year’s one, it’s not looking all that likely is it? Suedelife.