Originally published on Radsound 

This week’s single comes from Teleman, with their first since the release of their exceptional debut album ‘Breakfast’ back in June, by the name of ‘Skeleton Dance’.

Having an already impressive back catalogue of singles, Skeleton Dance only adds to the fun. With a flying sense of rhythm driven by a jarring guitar riff and pounding beat -at the least- sending your feet into tap overload, Thomas Sanders’ vocals kick in with an icy innocence locked through the melodic heights (‘skeleton dance with me round the bedroom/rattling bones and laughing so loud’) that instantly push the track into a full flow of dance affairs.

On top of the seemingly sheer unadultered joy radiated into the track, it’s abominably catchy and likely to be left spinning through your mind for quite awhile yet – sliding it comfortably into the line of past brilliance from the quartet.

Skeleton Dance is out 18th August.

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