Originally published on Radsound

The track on constant repeat this week is the latest release from Basement Jaxx’s long awaited fifth studio LP, Junto, and starring South London’s finest new young talent ETML, is Never Say Never.

In a time where watered down dance music is filling the airwaves – and more recently so paling attempts at house, a return from the Brixton duo is welcomed with open arms and ‘Never Say Never’ assures that they haven’t lost any of the magic since 2009’s Zephyr. With ETML’s soul fueled vocals carrying carefree energy over the infectiously intertwining synthlines and soft percussion whilst adding subtle flashes of euphoria with refrains of “the music brings me right back”, the track doesn’t dip into the frantic madness showcased on previous hits without being restrained to the confines of another stark effort, and it results in a combination of disco calms that make it just enough to soar through dancefloors without requiring those desperate attempts at pogo-ing whilst spilling your drink over everyone.

Not content with just releasing an ingenious track, the band have put an equally intriguing video up to accompany it featuring twerking robots on a mission to get the world dancing again – executed in a somewhat tongue in cheek sense that you can’t help but admire them just that bit more – probably a tad NSFW though, dependent on your bosses view on prostheses..

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