Originally published on Hooting & Howling


As the side project of Scottish singer Luna Webster and Herbert Powell drummer Taylor Stewart, Old Barber are an enchanting duo – both still in their teens, they make tracks into otherworldly electronic experiments showcasing a natural prowess far beyond the outfit’s infancy, and one set to only intrigue every mind they capture.

Having formed via Luna’s guest collaboration on Herbert Powell’s last EP – an event in which the two never met until Stewart, taken aback by the vocal, contacted Webster to work on her demo – the two instantly began creating haunting electronic tracks, conjured up an equally intriguing name inspired by a mutual love of The Simpsons and put out an EP, ‘UFO Phil’, at the end of May.

‘UFO Phil’ – taking it’s name from a Mexican extraterrestrial themed performance artist and recorded in masterful DIY fashion: in Stewart’s bedroom in a single day – showcases 5 tracks from the duo all of equal brilliance than the last. From evocative first track ‘Pilot’ to the beguiling closer ‘Exit Strategy’, the vocals of Webster blend and soar effortlessly through the soundscapes of distanced samples and stirring synths, backed by darkly atmospheric electronic percussion, and create the unearthly sounds the title suggests. ‘Liquor and Lipstick’ acts as the standout track, showcasing the duo’s impressive songwriting skill – comprising spellbinding intertwining layers of vocal alongside harsh expectant synths, it acts as the EP’s definitive bite of perfect synth-fueled pop.

‘UFO Phil’ is downloadable from the outfit’s Bandcamp now, and judging by the pure composition of sheer musical talent within the 5 tracks, Old Barber could be more than a duo to watch out for in the next year.