Originally published on Radsound

This week’s new track comes from the ever impressive London quartet, Telegram, with ‘Regatta’.

Channelling psych-rock sounds and appearing onstage as though they’ve got lost in a time machine and arrived 40 years later than they should be, the outfit have already made start on an admirable assault of music. Their previous singles have been championed by virtually everyone who listened and Regatta only enforces their level of brilliance.

With a tad more sparkle of late 90s indie sound than previous efforts, Regatta is stormed through at full speed, driven by throbbing basslines and the raw power of drummer Jordan Cook, whilst frontman Matt Saunders’ vocal soars over the top, littered with an infectiously Welsh accentuated melody –  likely the kind Gruff Rhys would envy. Distorted guitars fly through, creating a 3 minute short stab of unapologetic genius.

With tracks like this being thrown into the world, Telegram only appear to be getting better and better, and their album release is likely to be one to watch in the new year.

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