This week’s single comes from Scottish composer Craig Armstrong with Crash.

Better known for his orchestral pieces, film scores – including the likes of Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet, and work with Massive Attack, Armstrong has briefly dabbled in solo electronica works with two previous albums and Crash is the debut cut from his upcoming third LP, It’s Nearly Tomorrow.

A stark arrangement of distant pulsating synths, lush strings and soulful ambience, the track is a soft excerpt of chilling beauty – further complimented by the lyrics of Brett Anderson, providing that distinct vocal with a reserved soothing tone that was never quite fully exposed on the 20 year old recordings he’s most famed for, but one that proves a thankful addition to Armstrong’s elegantly subdued instrumental.

Reaching 4 minutes, the track still appears shorter than may be desired, but remains just enough to give a taste of what’s to come from Armstrong’s release – and a very good one at that.

Crash, alongside LP, It’s Nearly Tomorrow, is out now.

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