Originally published on Hooting & Howling


Only emerging seamlessly from the shadows a mere few days ago, Leeds based outfit Bruising are not exactly a household name just yet, but they’re turning a fair few heads this week, and with their debut track ‘Honey’ they manage to produce an instant reason to get excited about their existence already.

With layers of overdriven guitars and sweetly endearing vocals from the off, ‘Honey’ is one to be fallen in love with straight away. Creating an infectious blend of carefree pop and underlying heavier punk infused tones in a seamless balance, the song snakes its way through succintly soft harmonies and feedback-led atmospherics – with more than a shimmer of experimentalism that you’d expect with ex-Swimming Lessons’ Ben Lewis a member – to prove an intensely catchy affair.

Though the duo are still in their sheer infancy, ‘Honey’ immediately appears a cut above the rest, and when you finally get the track out of your head, Bruising will likely remain as a name to certainly keep your mind latched onto over the next few months.