Back again….

So it’s been a hell of a long time since I last posted on here & I finally found the time/effort/various means to get myself into gear and write a quick bit before I start posting properly again, and if yr wondering where I have been for the past few months, it goes more or less something like this:

  • Saw Suede + The Hosts some more in some forests, absolutely brilliant as always.
  • Saw The Libertines come back to London, also impressive.
  • Went to Tramlines and discovered a million great bands in an even ace-r city
  • Played a fair few gigs alongside top new bands inc. Blossoms, Screen Daze etc. & released a single with Bleak HouseEP coming soon kids, hold tight.
  • Saw Jools Holland and Menswe@r in a very musically diverse but amazing week
  • Went to Bestival and had my mind more or less blown by finally seeing Chic live
  • Immediately got a ticket & went to see Chic at the indigO2 a month later, still magic (if you are on o2 and wanna give me yr code so I can watch this gig back online please do thank you eternal love)
  • Moved to London & started a degree
  • …thus leaving me free to abuse the plethora of bands playing and catch The Horrors, Twin Peaks, LIFE (long forgotten review will be posted in good time), Eagulls, Autobahn, Bad Breeding, Telegram, Ben Watt Trio & co. all kill it in the city
    Ended up deciding I’ve left so much musical happening undocumented that it’s time to actually start typing it down again and written this grandiose list.

Anyway, now we are on the same page it’s worth noting I’ve got a hundred and one gigs to go to in the next few months (cheers student loan) aswell as a million more musical things that I do actually intend to write about again & stop this site from falling into the lost oblivion.

In the meantime I was going to make a playlist of the stuff i’ve been into recently, but no one wants to listen to a Gang Of Four/Basement Jaxx/Jeff Buckley/La Roux mashup as much as me do they honestly so here’s a list of 5 new(ish) musical LPs/EPs/tracks you are advised to definitely check out asap instead – because who doesnt love a good list – and you can ignore it or whatever to your hearts content.


Only Love//Felt Tip (a cover to end all covers)

Honey//Bruising (instant brilliance)

The Best Day//Thurston Moore (still top)

Making Breakfast//Twin Peaks (quite literal tune)

What You Isn’t//The Brian Jonestown Massacre (very good & sort of new alright don’t nitpick)



Ibibio Sound Machine//Ibibio Sound Machine (get on The Talking Fish)
North Marine Drive//Ben Watt (ok so this was released in ’83 but I bet you haven’t heard it right, the Dylan cover is blissful for one)
High Hazels//High Hazels (as good as you’d expect and then some)
Flying Saucer Attack//Flying Saucer Attack (again with the dates, but look at that name for starters)
La Roux//Trouble In Paradise (not that new either, but the amount of people that havent heard it because “fuck In For The Kill” is a crying shame)


Nobody Dies//Daisy Victoria (still impeccable stuff)
Tidings//A’lune (unbelieveable & shamefully kept quiet)
Give Us A Kiss//Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (sort of a single but that version of Jubilee Street)
Autobahn 2//Autobahn (angry and so much better for it)
UFO Phil//Old Barber (mad, and great)

There you go, be back soon & sooner than last time, promise .