Originally published on Radsound

This week’s single is Blue Arc from Daisy Victoria from her recently released second EP ‘Nobody Dies’.

Drifting through the brashness of her debut EP released earlier this year and adding an increased edge of lo fi flair, the Nobody Dies EP is another impressive move from Daisy Victoria, and the track manages to harness the best assetts of both endlessly.

Littered with cutting harmonic guitars and pounding bass contrasting perfectly with the beautifully soaring soft tones of the vocal, Blue Arc is an infectious funk fused combination of sheer impressive pop and grittier punk tones to make for a sound that is almost impossibly unique to Daisy Victoria, and one that deserves immense recognition for it’s absolute brilliance.

Listen to the Nobody Dies EP, alongside debut EP, Heart Full Of Beef,

Daisy’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/daisy_vic
Facebook: www.facebook.com/daisyvic