That time of year again….


So 2014 was admittedly a failed blogging year for this site, a sheer lack of time, energy & a whole heap of procrastination aided that one – but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any good music about, there was probably more than most – which makes it somewhat worse. Deviations aside though, I’ve done my yearly list over on Hooting & Howling (even Anton Newcombe read it, so if you haven’t by now – hot foot it over) so i’m not gonna bore everyone with a rerun and instead made a modest 7 hour (that’s nothing) playlist of what Spotify had to offer up of this year – painfully a good few were not on spotify but I did the best I could for your enjoyment


…And if that lot doesn’t take your fancy, 2015 should see some stellar stuff too – the return of Suede, the second albums from all of the genius of the past 2 years (countless) and, of course, that shiny debut EP from Bleak House in a month or two – you don’t wanna miss it.