Originally published on Radsound

This week’s single is new Yorkshire quartet Colour Of Spring‘s debut release ‘Honey’.

Recorded at MJ of Hookworms own Surburban Home Studio in Leeds with the band under the influence of the likes of The Cure, Seasurfer and My Bloody Valentine, the track is an angsty slice of the so called modern shoegaze revival. Driven by the dreamy detached vocals of frontman Shane Hunter and one arresting guitar riff, ‘Honey’ swiftly arises from it’s grungy depths into layers of feedback and euphoria before dropping out altogether after a mere 3 minutes of pure brilliance. With enough goodness condensed into a time that would usually be doubled by other acts in this vein, the understated sense of Colour Of Spring’s release makes it need not be and yet still largely impressive.

‘Honey’ alongside accompanying double A side ‘Skin’ is out now.

Colour of Spring
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