Archived: Lusts//Daisy Victoria//Hot Vestry


I wrote this a good while ago but it somehow ended up unpublished elsewhere and lost in the neverending loophole of emails so I figured I’d belatedly post it here instead…

Having found myself thrown out onto the cold streets of East London, just narrowly missing out on a place in the overflowing crowd for DIY’s latest tips for 2015, the only option seemed to immediately search out an alternative evening of stellar live music, and 10 minutes down the road the offering of Lusts from Dalston’s Birthdays basement witnessed an arguably better night than planned to begin with.

Arriving mid-way into Hot Vestry‘s set, this was instantly cemented as a better idea. The Macclesfield outfit channelling their own line of the elusive ‘Bleichpop’ were already at full throttle with an eerily clear cut sound of synth fueled electronics, distant effect laden guitars and striking punches of basslines. On top of this all sat the distinctive vocals of frontman Harry Ward, further adding to the outfit’s darkly unique style and making it easy to see why following their first EP, the outfit have already played with the likes of Johnny Marr and New Order, and are set to support The Charlatans next month. When their latest workings hit the world, Hot Vestry are more than worthy of being thrown into the limelight, and deservedly so. (since writing of this they’ve announced an EP/put out a rad single – below)

Following her brilliant EP releases made over the past year, putting on a live show of even greater standards seemed like it may take some work, but from the second Daisy Victoria stepped onstage, the whole thing appeared of entirely effortless in the best way possible. From the off, the soaring vocals so empoweringly executed on all her recordings were tearing through the room whilst the infusions of punk and pop through her jarring guitar work alongside haunting synths and relentless rhythms made up seamless musical backing. With the set showcasing the mastery of both last year’s EPs from the lo-fi 90s alternative suggestions of ‘Heart Full Of Beef’ to the funk hinting and beautifully vocal driven ‘Blue Arc’, Daisy Victoria easily captured every last one of the audience as her set progressed and by the final track – the unavoidably catchy ‘Macbeth To My Lady’ – the entire room seemed left somewhat awestruck at the sheer musical quality she’d showcased in half an hour.

Finally headlining, Lusts, a brotherly duo from Leeds that needed not much introduction having been gaining speed rapidly from all music outlets with their recent signing to the ressurected 1965 Records, took to the stage and let loose on making as much noise with a guitar and a drum kit as humanly possible. Dressed in all black and all white respectively, Andy and James Stone’s fashion sense more than reflected their musical output – lying between a dark mix of shoegaze and post punk influence alongside a contrast of sparkling 80s new wave sound echoing the likes of New Order, and an instantaneously infectious combination at that. With the mid-set sheepish announcement of it being the act’s second gig to date, the outfit seemed set on making this admission seem less and less believeable by crashing through further shining examples of indie pop brilliance ‘Waves’ and ‘Sometimes’. Closing the set with debut single ‘Temptation’, arguably already one of the best tracks of 2015, the duo swiftly fled the stage leaving the encounter a brief taster of the storm surely set to follow if they continue producing music as half as good as this.

The duo go on tour with Coves next month.