This week’s single is ‘Whoever’ from Taunton’s new offering, October Drift.

Though scarce on information and more than submerged in an aura of mystery – with little to no online prescence and no information making  the handful of live dates this month widely anticipated, October Drift more than make up for it in the music of their debut release.

Mixed by Dan Cox, (better known for work with Thurston Moore and Theme Park) the track is unsurprisingly a strongly atmospheric affair. Drawn on by building distorted guitars and relentless drums, ‘Whoever’executes a sly balance between catchy pop-py hooks and fuzzed out rock, whilst the vocals in the gravelly vein not dissimilar to the likes of Liberto Wolf and Biffy Clyro pose the existential question of “whoever really knows?” only adding to the enigma the outfit create.

‘Whoever’ is out now.

Website: octoberdrift.co.uk/