Originally published on Radsound


This week’s single comes from the return of Spector with ‘Stay High‘.

Fresh from the upcoming album Moth Boys, the track, following on from the sound of previous hits ‘All The Sad Young Men‘ and ‘Bad Boyfriend‘, the track provides a taste of matured tones from the quartet. Combining funk infused beats and sudden crashing rifts of guitar with Fred Macpherson’s newly refined witty-drawl narrating, ‘Stay High’ carries the carefree elements that made the band’s previous efforts instantly brilliant whilst showcasing a new progression of less crooning, more to the point danceability, ensuring the track soars and sits firmly alongside Spector’s best material.


With Moth Boys due for release in August and ‘Stay High’ remaining insatiably listenable, the quartet are back onto the winner they were when first emerging and the LP seems set to be worth the substantial wait.

‘Stay High’ is out now.