Originally posted on Hooting & Howling


Following the recent announcement of the band’s seventh studio album ‘Night Thoughts’ and the success of their first LP in 10 years ‘Bloodsports’ back in 2013, Suede have today debuted the first track and single from the album, ‘Outsiders‘.

Driven by thundering bass and eerie guitar lines with Brett Anderson’s cryptic lyrics of escapism gliding over the music, the track retains the dark mysticism of the band’s past material, hinting back to 1994’s ‘Dog Man Star’, whilst bursting into an anthemic synth fuelled chorus that captures the dramatically edged pop the five piece excel at, and makes for a bold reintroduction to Suede’s latest venture.

Of the track, Anderson has said ‘I specifically wrote it about trying to capture the romance when I sat there looking at a family photo of my parents, it’s a document of youth, a love song’ in line with the previous claim the album ‘deals with a lot of familial themes — life, death, love, anguish and despairs’.

The track is accompanied by a teaser video (below) for the feature length film, also entitled ‘Night Thoughts’, directed by the acclaimed Roger Sargent, that will accompany the album at release.

‘Outsiders’ is out on 6th November, whilst ‘Night Thoughts’ is out on 22nd January and the band will play the album in full against a backdrop of the film at London’s Roundhouse on 13th and 14th November, with limited tickets, and ‘Night Thoughts’ pre-order options, avaliable on their official website.