H&H// Forget It’s A Dream – Communions – SOTY

Originally published on Hooting & Howling.
Bursting onto the scene in the midsts of a fine array of Danish punks (Iceage, Lower, etc.), brotherly Copenhagen quartet Communions are 2015’s latest great offering and ‘Forget It’s A Dream’ stands up as one of the finest new tracks emerging across the year. From the instant the woundingly permeating bass line and reverb laden drumbeats kick in, the track unearths a groove like no other, before shimmers of 80s tinged guitar pile over wah-ed out riffs and synths to make for a striking dynamically unique sound. With the music raging on underneath, frontman Martin Rehof’s woozy piercing vocals twist over the top with the skeptical cynicism of aging – “I don’t wanna wait to see if it ends happily” – and tales of forced memory blocks to complete a 5 minute snippet from the band’s most impressive EP yet that is all but impossible to not fall in love with.