H&H// Sub Lingual Tablet – The Fall – AOTY

Originally published on Hooting & Howling.


When thinking of 2015 in music, The Fall are hardly the band that spring to mind – the post punkers formed in the 70s and still relentlessly churning out music under endless incarnations aren’t exactly hip or modern – however it was year that saw the release of their 31st studio album ‘Sub-Lingual Tablet’, one that has managed to stand up against all of the newer offerings and frankly knock them off the table. Having the groups’ most stable line up of their entire existence, the sheer musicianship of the album is impossible to fault, and from the motorik snapping of double drumming and unfaltering driving basslines (see: ‘Dedication Not Medication’, ‘Venice With The Girls’) to the jarring cuts of guitar and synth (Auto Chip 14 -15) littered all over the ten tracks whilst Mark E Smith spews effortless witticism and observations of the modern day (see: ‘Facebook Troll’, ‘Quit iPhone’) in a style like no other on earth, the album is an offering of The Falls’ and 2015’s best.
Favourite track – ‘Venice With The Girls’