Drawing together the masterminds of two Canadian solo artists, Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau, Essaie Pas are a slowly rising duo providing a refreshing dose of icy French electronica with their debut album – out just in time to soundtrack the bleak remainder of winter nights.

Having been drawn together through their musical love of unboxable experimentation, the outfit’s album was born out of a series of misfortune that swiftly shaped their uniquely infectious sound. Returning from their first tour to find their rehearsal space permanently shut and Davidson  also left with no flat to return to, the duo latched into the out of office hours at Le Filles Electriques, cultivating the empty industrial estate into their studio and home, and spent the dark Montréal winter running “everywhere possible, listening to techno, acid, and italo disco, being mutually inspired by the space and the sounds” to form the entirety of  ‘Demain est une autre nuit (Tomorrow Is Another Night)’.

With the sound of the record driven by stutters of synth, drawling french spoken word and cutting beats – varying in influences from minimalist techno and cold wave motorik to disco and film soundtracks, the duo are impossible to categorise, albeit drawing comparisons to the likes of Cabaret VoltaireKraftwerk and Factory Floor, their sounds are united in one disparate theme of isolation and ‘The Void’, inspired by their working environment and living conditions on tour – “Staying at different people’s places around the world for a whole year accentuates the feeling of being a stranger wherever you go, even in your own town, but also creates a feeling of being part of an international community, opposed to a scene that exists only in one city”.

With their ideologies giving their music a noticeably distant sense of urgency, backed by the LP title reflecting night as “a place of freedom, a place where fantasies and obsessions are not tied by moral constraints…where the feeling of loneliness is stronger and when emotions and memories arise, whether you are facing it or running away from it”, when it hits the ears, the duo are more than just desolate concept creators and the tracks are inescapable intoxicating bites of varied industrial beauty likely to encapsulate all those they grace – and with this album merely their debut, things can only excel from the bleak for Essaie Pas.

‘Demain est une autre nuit’ is out now via DFA Records.

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