Originally published on Radsound.


Hailing from London – and more than set on injecting a healthy hint of disco back into the life of modern pop – comes Mat Zo, in hot anticipation of the release of his sophomore album ‘Self Assemble’ next month.

Bringing the funk with layers of spiralling house-esque synths, the kind of chiming frenetic riffs Nile Rodgers would be vying for and a distinctively upbeat, charm offensive vocal, the producer’s music takes on a tone that instantly deserves to lie effortlessly between the dance floor of every club across the land and the airwaves of every hit station across the summer.

With his latest single, ‘Sinful‘, featuring I See MONSTAS, Zo creates a futuristic sense of the retro, echoing dance purveyors past with reverb dense harmony brimming choruses alongside the freshened electro funk sound of more recent nu disco bringers – think Fenech SolerDaft Punk, Porter Robinson and those alike, to combine for a track the perfect follow on from his Annie Mac/Zane Lowe championed ‘Soul Food’ at the start of the year.

Having high stakes to beat following the Grammy nominated debut establishing him as somewhat of an underground dance figurehead back in 2013 and judging by the small doses of music so far, Zo can only improve with the release of ‘Self Assemble’, and for that reason alone the producer is more than worthy of keeping an ear on over the coming months.