Originally published on Radsound.


In the spotlight this week comes the smooth talent of Toronto based Tommy Paxton-Beesley, a.k.a producer, vocalist and multi-intrumentalist River Tiber, bringing musical offerings in anticipation of his upcoming debut full length LP release ‘Indigo’, set to hit the shops on 24th June as an independent release by Beesley himself.

As an artist, River Tiber makes exactly the kind of music that first springs to mind with the phrase ‘producer and multi-instrumentalist’ – clear cut electronics littered with worldly sounds influenced by his instrumentalist side, only infinitely more refined than the work of most bedroom types, dabbling in soul, funk, psychedelia and airy orchestration amongst his R&B roots.

With latest single ‘Acid Test’ premiering as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record last week, the unique light-handed talent of Beesley in merging his sounds so effortlessly is evidently clear, showcasing his soulful vocals evaporating into crystal cool synths and shining beats amongst a backdrop of filtered sounds and cellos, it’s an instantly listenable record that sinks your head into its calming depths without a second thought.

Having previously worked with heavyweights such as BADBADNOTGOODDrake and Frank Dukes, being selected for the Red Bull Music Academy Paris and with the album due to steal the summer hearts of many with its release, things only appear to be getting brighter in the visions of River Tiber and he’s more than one to keep a close ear on in the coming months.