A Political Interlude

I’ve tried to avoid posting anything like this because I know how proclaimed ‘sick’ everyone is of it, but having seen so many points of view plastered all over my fb in the past few days from people double my age and terrifyingly ill informed on the subject, and it being quite important in my opinion of sorts, I’ve given in – plus everyone’s always moaning about apathetic young people so my 2 cents might be worth a little – this started off as a brief status then grew hence posting it here, no such music content sorry.

Not making any secret of the fact I’m naturally pro remain, ultimately I wouldn’t have such a problem with the statuses declaring certain leave voters’ pride in voting out if they could give us a good argument for it (and they do exist out there) but the education seems to be lacking and I had to say something about it, after all, vote how you want, but only as long as you’re well informed and know the consequences.

However somewhat questionably and unexpectedly from camp Leave, all I’ve seen are focused on the brainwashed notions of ‘taking control back of our country‘ and ‘making Britain great again’, ingenious buzz phrases brought to us by the gifted mind of a man whose views should be as irrelevant as his political status in the UK as someone who couldn’t even get re-elected as an MP a year ago, but sadly it’s not the case and Farage and his barrage of “real Britons” just won’t seem to fade into insignificance so here we are.

If anyone can explain to me what exactly these phrases mean other than empty words that sound good on paper and in impassioned scaremongering speeches boasting deluded lies and incorrect facts (most easily dismissible via access to google btw) citing the same old spins on immigration and self righteous ideas that we’re somehow above the rest of the world as humans born in a country that currently has put control in the hands of a man who has dabbled in beastiality, then I welcome it. However, the sad thing is that no one seems to be able to – we vote to leave, we ‘get our country back’ (what does that actually mean?), we ‘make britain great again’ (ditto), then what?

Well as it stands it looks like we hand over control from good ol’ DC to none other than Boris Johnson, a man I saw just a week ago on London Bridge nearly get crushed by 2 buses on his bike, a man that is devout Tory through and through and likely to make the country suffer far more than the ever growing weakness of the aforementioned animal lover – an amazing feat. But not just that, aside from giving Boris free reign (fact I just stumbled accross- In the past 17 years, we’ve voted to agree with proposed EU legislation 2474/2601 times, we already have control & giving that & more to the conservatives sounds frankly obscene) to deplete laws on human rights, worker’s rights, healthcare and god knows what else to aid his own interests, do we really think this man, a member of a party who love to exploit foreign workers and anyone below the middle class with laughable salaries and jobs  that we, as ‘great Britons’, think we are far too above doing ourselves, is going to want to cull immigration like the leave brigade are promising? Not a chance. They can put the spin on immigration to entice the vote of the racist xenophobic sections of generations from another era I sadly follow, the ones that wont exist long enough to truly suffer the effects of an out vote (won’t somebody please think of the children etc.), but in reality it’s deluded to think as much will happen when Boris & his chums can be making their billions out of them, alongside the poorest Britons (all stored offshore in blissful irony, naturally).

sorry i stole yr status mark

And with further regards to immigration (which personally, as a country as diverse and with an economy sustained and driven by the input of foreigners coming to live here, not to mention the premise of sticking together, embracing cultures and standing up in the face of ISIS and such – a time where we really do not need to be splitting apart and taking petty arguments with us, be it escaping horrors of their own that I know we’d be on the next flight to Marbs should they occur here, coming to train and work as top class surgeons or dentists or teachers or countless others in our public sector, or even just living a peaceful life as an expat and fellow human supporting their families with part time jobs in lidl like the best of us, and like so many british do in other countries without an issue, shouldn’t even come into the argument as much as it has) the reality is, it’s near impossible to determine if net migration would be reduced following a brexit, let alone how much – especially not the ridiculous figures being thrown about, and particularly if we wished to still gain full access to the EU single market, which is y’know quite big for our economy to say the least, in which case free movement would still have to be accepted by the UK. Equally, Turkey is extremely far off joining the UK and the campaign using immigration from there as one of their key points is, needless to say, ridiculous, they’ve reached 1/35 requirements so far and it’s been in discussion for a decade, google it. Obviously not all immigration concerns are borne out of racism and xenophobia, but if you’re worried about immigration, Leave is factually not at all a surefire way of changing it, not that the campaign would have you believe it, and one we’re watching everyone painfully fall for.

Oh and speaking of economy, which is and should be a far bigger concern than immigration, the EU single market is our dominant trading partner, and inevitably we’d have to stick with that to have any hope of sustaining the economy to any extent, meaning we’d have to strike up new trade deals, easier said than done, and to quote a tweet currently circulating:

This remains the truth, the idea our trade would not be negatively affected is almost simply wrong, and hundreds of economists would wholeheartedly agree that it is more than likely to send us spiralling back into deep recession once again. Equally, there’s a huge risk the pound will significantly decrease, and as costs abroad (air travel, roaming tariffs, holidays, exported goods etc.) would simultaneously rise, we’re all going to be extremely worse off – and do you really think a government of extremely wealthy conservatives is going to be willing to counteract that so it doesn’t hit the poorest? Of course not, they’ll be doing what they do best – sat in ivory towers watching the lowest classes suffer the results of Leave’s mind washing campaign that they voted for because of the false promises made to them by the very same people now walking all over them, only they’ll have even more power than they do now with no EU regulations to stop them fully exploiting the same people further in any and every way they can think of, and let’s be honest, they’ll do exactly that.

Finally, there’s many thousands of reasons for either side that are factually correct if you bother delving past the right wing media spiel but I’m going to leave it after this one because this post was meant to be a status and I’ve just noted my word count hitting over 1000, but since it’s now ended up on my personal blog usually devoted to music, it’d be wrong for me to not point out as a lifelong music obsessive, musician and someone hell bent on getting a career out of the (depleted enough as it is) industry, that a vote for leave would decimate the industry entirely.

Laura Snapes put it better than I ever could in this article if you fancy reading it, but it boils down to a few things that would ultimately significantly destroy the hopes of any young musicians/managers/lawmakers that aren’t extremely well off (and who is when in a band in 2016?).

Touring (that already has a reputation for being way cheaper in the EU than it is in the UK, which is obviously a very good thing for small bands) would suddenly become hugely more expensive and incredibly harder to organise within the EU (think Visas and carnets for everything, and not much hope of getting visa sponsors unless you’re already established £££ – the exact reasons you see even a lot of established bands avoiding tours in the US and those alike, let alone the ones with no money).

Down to the UK using plants all over the EU – the cost of producing and pressing records would soar, thus would the prices for music fans themselves, and with escalating prices the physical market could be entirely wiped out, a negative for the economy and musicians all over, meanwhile copyright laws have the potential to be entirely reworked and arts funding from the EU out of the question, there doesn’t seem to be much upside when it comes to the music industry in a post Brexit country, and completely selfishly (though i know so many others the same) as a young person who can’t see themself doing anything but music when they grow up (if ever), it would be physically painful to see that all chucked away in the name of becoming an isolated island locking itself away from culture just “because immigrants” (even Eno’s behind it…c’mon).

Ultimately though, this doesn’t boil down to what I think, or choose to put in a lengthy blog post, it boils down to people voting, but hopefully basing those votes on education and facts – some of which i’ve hopefully shone a small light on here – as opposed to basing it on those empty quotes and blatant lies that the press want you to believe, because I know all (or at least most) of the people i’ve seen making sweeping statements on the referendum are smarter than that – last week my dad was voting leave purely because he didn’t understand it, i was naturally disappointed but he went away and read a few things and has changed his mind (nice one dad). If you’ve educated yourself and have a strong argument on the case for voting leave then I’m not going to be the one to tell you it’s wrong, Europe’s far from perfect and we can have a good civilised debate if you want, but trying to refrain from those posting their views based on incorrect facts all over social media has proven evidently very hard to bite my tongue over, hence this post, and if it’s changed anyone at all’s mind (or even if anyone’s read it) then it was worth posting.

And because it’s me and I can’t get through anything without a bit of Suede, enjoy the bass if not the sentiment….remember, It Starts & Ends With EU, cheers.