Originally published on Radsound.


Hitting the spotlight this week are Chain Wallet, hailing from the icy heights of Norway to inject some gazey pop sparkle back into the musical lives of all whose ears they grace.

The Bergen trio have previously put out a handful of singles, recorded with Matias Tellez in an ex-meat factory described as “the kind of place where dreams go to die”, played storming shows scattered across mainland Europe and are now gearing up to release their debut album this October with the release of latest single ‘Muted Colours’.

Following the form of their previous output, the track lines up shimmers of synth and strands of shoegaze tinged guitars against the reverb laced vocals of frontman Stian Iversen and a pounding rhythm section holding the floor, all to make for a sound toeing the line between post punk sounds of The Cure and The Smiths and the optimism of hedonistic psych pop that’ll instantly stick in your head.

With the video itself showcasing the outfit’s lo-fi outlook, as they mime instruments on faded mountain tops awash with blue skies in something not dissimilar to a long lost 80s ‘How to play your keyboard’ demo VHS, it reflects the exact kind of beautiful haziness their music creates – a softly endearing melancholy you can’t help but fall into, and one likely to only improve as the trio continue.