I’m Daisy, 20 & from England.

I go to rather a lot of gigs and have seen 433 bands live  and that is my only claim to fame.

I would like to be a music producer when I grow up – if that ever happens – and my occasional and erratic forays into that can be found at my very badly kept up to date Soundcloud, always desperate for new people to direct microphones at. In the meantime, I like writing about music & gigs I’ve been to here, I’m the News Ed. at Hooting & Howling & I take care of new music over at Radsound too.

Admittedly this site has taken a dramatic fall since starting university/quitting university/getting a real 9-5 job in the adult world to save for more university/playing in too many musical outfits but I’m attempting to revive it currently and it might jump back up to it’s former self at some point soon. Mostly this has been done by archiving just about every post i’ve written for every website I think I’ve ever written for to slowly serve as some kind of massive portfolio of everything I’ve ever done.

Also I play bass in a band called Bleak House, we’re quite good, honest & our (likely) groundbreaking EP is out soon, so look out. Equally, I play bass live for beautifully dreamy Rain Maze which you should check out, and several others currently under wraps to keep an eye on – always open to more, playing bass onstage is all I am good for, sometimes.

Also I bloody love Suede.

For anything else, contact me via social media means or using this nifty form below….