Bands you have to hear

Here is a list of some relatively low key artists you all need to be listening to because I rate them extremely:

  • GABRIEL BRUCE, my favourite thing to come out of 2013 and though squirrelled away working on that difficult second album, his first was a Cave/Cohen disco pop infused bloodbath – and a beautiful one at that. Bonus points for being utterly incredible live.
  • FELT TIP, jarring XTC flavoured indie pop, infectious and brilliant.
  • HOT VESTRY, ridiculous brilliant ungenre-able punk synth flavoured music, purveyors of several masterful EPs and signed to Tim Burgess’ own O’Genesis Recordings
  • THE ORIELLES, three spritely Halifax teenagers making wickedly enjoyable surf pop that put my own efforts at the ripe old age of 20 to vast shame
  • THE DEATH OF POP, several Londoners making dreamy indie pop for lush singalongs and great vibes
  • WOZNIAK, storm summoning Scottish shoegazers* making noise sound like art instantaneously

*the alliteration gods just screamed in pain, so did I