Welcome to the revolution….

Enter Shikari are officially number 1 album in the UK, if that’s not something, i don’t know what is. A band signed to an independent label, anything but mainstream, singing about real things… Continue reading

Stay Young, Go Dancing….

Well,  A Flash Flood Of  Colour came today. I feel i was a bit harsh in my review and that saying Constellations was a “bit shit” was unnecessary and wrong. Also Stalemate isn’t… Continue reading

Now i don’t know about you….

this is an awful title for a blog that has no follow up sentence. oh well. I heard Enter Shikari’s album previews today and i can’t blog about the album as i have… Continue reading

Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits

Updates update update… (i got told to make a music blog by a journalist who went to oxford the other day is it would become “cult”, if you’re reading this you can probably… Continue reading

Futures//Hearts Under Fire//Moments Too Late.

So i saw Futures on wednesday and figured i should blog about it since Fenech-Soler was so long ago i can barely remember it to blog about. It was the first time i’d… Continue reading

Songs about happiness murmured in dreams…

A collection of songs i’ve been listening to rather a lot and everyone else should too. Swimmhaus Johannesburg – Fixers dancey, synthy and generally something you can listen to over and over. .… Continue reading

Reading Festival ’11.

So it was my first proper festival, especially after this weekend i have come to the conclusion going to Guilfest most years does not count, and it was way better than anything i… Continue reading

Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Festival. 24. 07.11.

* i will add more videos but there is a server error or something right now* I basically only went to this festival for one band & one band alone, Starlings, but it… Continue reading

Ze Killers & Friends. 24.06.11.

If the title makes you assume i am still on a high, you would be correct. I didn’t think it was possible to see that many great bands in one day. First off… Continue reading

Two Door Cinema Club 03.06.11

After battling through the traffic, we got to Brixton just after the first support finished, which was rather annoying as it was Trophy Wife who i like a lot, but yeah. The Cast… Continue reading